2004 Testimonials

“I’ve learned more in 30 days then most people learn in a year if you ever need me I’ve got your back. The instructors were the best ever.” William Taylor – January 2004
“One of the best classes I’ve taken, I feel good about myself. The instructor was good, I’ve learned a lot.” Dao Vang – March 2004
“I enjoyed the class very much. It was a great way to get started in this field of work. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting into HVAC.” Ingo Feierabend – April 2004
“Very well rounded hands on training. Excellent class for jumping right in. The instructor is a great “tell it how it is” teacher.” Steven Spittlemeister – April 2004
“Lots of hands on very helpful. Instructor did a great job – knowledge of job and ability to motive.” Richard Lane – May 2004
“Great all around program. Hands on experience makes a big difference.” Edgar Locke – May 2004
I learned an incredible amount of information, I will keep for life. A second service trade makes me more secure. Bill Krivitz – Sept. 2004
Great course. Instructor is a wealth of knowledge and explains everything in easy terms. Dan Symanski – Sept. 2004
Excellent program – couldn’t be leave how much I learn in a short time. Gary Rauch – Sept. 2004
Excellent course. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable. Prepared me to do well in this field. Samuel Smith – Sept. 2004
This is an excellent facility. All phases of the instruction made the diagnostics of problems and the installation process very easy to understand. The instructor made everything easy to understand and get the job done in a timely manner. Steve Trzebialtowski – Oct. 2004
Very good classes, service, sheet metal work, troubleshooting, sales work and pricing. James Hummel – Nov. 2004
Great class. Taught in a manner which made me look forward to class. The students in my class all worked together to help each other. I know have a through understanding of how furnaces and AC’s units function and how to service them. Roy Scherbarth – Nov. 2004
Great Environment and atmosphere. Great Instruction, good direction. Carlos Camareno – Dec. 2004