2005 Testimonials

Thank you for the opportunity. I would highly recommend this course. I feel this course has given myself the confidence to start a career in HVAC field.
Robert Hencik – March 2005
I think this school was the best investment that I have ever made. Thanks HVAC.
Tyler Voyles – March 2005
I feel the class gave me a sense of what really happens in the HVAC field. The hands on training was fun as well as education.
Thomas Leikness – March 2005
I felt I received excellent tutorship from the instructor. He made class both fun and easy to comprehend. I have already told 3 friends and my brother about the class and they plan to tour and possibly attend. Daniel Blanchard – March 2005
Excellent hands on training, students get actual experience not just book training.
Larry Ross – March 2005
I learned a lot in the 6 weeks of class, this is a great way to learned a skilled trade. Corey Tucker – May 2005
Class is good, well taught, a lot to learn in little time. Instructor was great. Dale Just – May 2005
Course is well taught and covers important areas enough to allow entry into HVAC business with good ability to lean more. Robert Sheehy – May 2005
Great hands on experience. Jo Vaughn Mc Farland – May 2005
Class would be better if it had some on site training. Overall I thought the class was o.k. Khue Xiong – May 2005
My training was very exciting and I learned a lot with in such a short time. I have recommended some of my associates about the program. Thomas Howard – May 2005
Excellent teaching and good hands on experiences. Jay Metcalf – July 2005
Very good Learning on the job training. Very good instruction. Phillip Broege – July 2005
Great class, well worth the enrollment fee. Tom Acker – July 2005
Very Good – Ben Schultz – July 2005
This program was very helpful for me. Instructor was a very good instructor. Thomas Roby – July 2005
First time that I was able to have some fun while learning. Content of course included some important real world experiences and circumstances. Jim Svehlek – July 2005
Much better than MATC. You Don’t just get a grade even if you know it or not. Here you know what you are doing. Richard Davis – August 2005
This class was great, the hands on training made it easier to understand. Justin Williams – August 2005
The best class I ever took. I really enjoyed the class. Bernard Simmons – Aug. 2005
School has great instructors. I learned more than I expected. I feel I’ll excedd far into HVAC Field. Robin Parker – August 2005
Great class & had a lot of fun. Jeff Whited – August 2005
This was very educational, well taught class with very skilled and humorous instructor. Tom Fredricks – August 2005
Excellent. If you have the want to learn the opportunity is there for you and you will learn. Excellent. Tuition is certainly a good investment. Jeremy Bultman – October 2005
The course gave enough information and skill training to get a job in HVAC. Excellent Instructor. Donald Brenzel – October 2005
School was great. Instructor was excellent. All and all it was a great experience. I learned a lot. Demetruis Campbell – October 2005
The training I received this past 6 weeks will help me start my own heating & cooling business. Nathan Rader – October 2005
I would like to thank you all for this class and I really like to do both service and installation. Jose Martinez – October 2005
I really enjoyed this course. I liked our instructor a lot. The instructor was really good in helping and training me. I feel I learned alot. The way the instructor taught this course helped me very interested in this field. I will miss coming to school. December 2005 – David Saggio
Hands on work was very helpful can’t wait to get out into the field and experience HVAC – or refrigeration problems and to solve the problems. December 2005 – Randy Zeman.
Learned so much more then I thought I would in six weeks, the instructor is great. I work 45 hours plus a week, getting tired was easy but the instructor helped a lot. December 2005 – David Erz
Hands on training is the best way to learn this trade. Instructor was great and very experienced. Worth the money. December 2005 – Henry Miller
Good class learned a lot everyday. William Schaffer – December 2005