2007 Testimonials

All in all a good school to attend. Very Helpful me personally I feel asthough I would benefit from more hands on A/C service. Other than that good schooling. Jan. 2007 – Jason Cichacki
I have over 30 yrs with City of Milwaukee, and would like to supplement my pension doing something in the HVAC field. Jan. 2007 – Dennis Martin
Could have used some more hands on AC work, otherwise OK.,
Jan. 2007 – Scott Seis
Less heating, more A/C Perhaps divide it into two separate 6 week courses. Jan. 2007 – Rodney Stelter, Jr.
Bud is an awesome teacher, He can break down a furnace or condensor without even touching it. “Down to earth” even though he’s not from here. I will miss him, as a teacher, but more as a friend. Feb. 2007 – Tyrone Aikens
Great Class, great instructor, just wish class was a little longer.Feb.2007 – Larry Coleman
Great class gain alot of knowledge in the trade, will recommend to otherpeople in a hurry. Feb. 2007 – Francisco Centeno
Bud is extremely knowledgable with all phases. He is also patient with those needing extra help to understand. I do think the course needs a little more in problem solving, maybe a couple extra weeks of class. Feb. 2007 – Rick Elias
Class was good. Gave enough background to learn new skills and get started in new career. Probably more benefits than going thru MATC. Feb. 2007 – Paul Galaszewski
I think Bud is a great teacher. He is good in his field. Feb. 2007- Anthony McNeal
Because of Buds many years of experience, he was able to relate techniques and valuable info that I might not have received at another school. I feel I have been given a good start in this field. Feb. 2007 – Kurt E. Schuster
The class was very informative. The hands on approach was a definate plus, also the instructor was very understanding with students and answered all questions, very comfortable setting. Feb. 2007 – Jason C. Weiler
Best money I’ve spent in a long time. Thanks for the career and will send referrals. April 2007 – Joseph Becker
Really good class, learned alot, instructor was very helpful and very good teacher on how he explains everything. April 2007 – Jeffrey Brown
My instructor was very clear on the things he taught vs. I learned alot and I am sure I will do very well in the HVAC field. April 2007 – Darrell Davis
Great Class! Learned more in 6 weeks here than I did in a year and a half in the MATC program. April 2007 – Daniel Rivette
This class had it’s moments. I’ve learned alot, Bud has good food forthought and really makes you think hard to be successful. April 2007Lisa Spencer
Although the in class sessions were excellent, I still wanted more shop time for myself personally. April 2007 – Clifton C. Wilson Jr.
Bud is a very good instructor. He makes learning a/c and heating interesting, and I learned alot from his ways of teaching. The school has helped me very well. May 2007 – George Citrowski
Very happy with the education I received. I have a lot of confidence that I will excel in the industry. Bud was and is very good at teaching. June 2007 – Mike Faust
Full service and fast. June 2007 – Michael Desautel
Very informative course,learned alot! July 2007 – Ryan Herrera
Found the presenter, presentation, and format to be an excellent environment to grasp the materials and knowledge needed to be successful. Complete satisfaction. Sept. 2007 – Michael Schwartz
Class is very thorough and detailed. Great hands on training demonstrations. Recommend to anyone who is looking to get into HVAC trade. Sept. 2007 – Jawan Stewart
I liked the class. A lot of knowledge floating- being very visual and analytical. I know more hands on would have helped me tie down the knowledge to something concrete. But I like the come back policy which will nail it for me. Bud, you need to put out a CD for all of your experience stories. They would sell. Sept 2007 – Kim Maxon
Good class. Really made me think before acting. High hopes for a good career. Sept 2007- Norman A. Pankau
This training is very good and helpful. Instructor is very good. After this class it will make me going forward to the next step. Sept 2007 – Boun Phattaphone
This class was fun, I did learn a lot. There is a lot to know and much I have to go over. I liked the class it’s layed out well. I’m glad I got my certifications and soon to a job in this field. Bud was a good instructor, very knowledgeable. Oct. 2007 – Joe Coffey
A very good hands on type of school. Excellent instruction on Heating & AC from the teacher. I would recommend this school to other friends and people I know in the future. I liked the breakup of shop & class room, at the same time. Oct. 2007 – Mike Phillips
Class was great! I want to pursue a career in this field because of what I’ve learned. 18 years of home improvement experience now I want to give 20 years for HVAC. Instructor, Ken Houston is great and works well with his students. He is very helpful. Oct. 2007 – Steven J. Briggs
Classroom time very informative with specific answers to questions. Shop time just as good. Oct. 2007 – Mark Sanders
The training wad good I really learned a lot and I am ready to take what I learned and go get a good job. Oct. 2007 – Tim Buss
Great teacher to work with 100%. Oct. 2007 – Heriberto Diaz