2008 Testimonials

Very good instructor detailed and clear. Jan. 2008 – Darren Walker
Very informative, good training. Instructor was very knowledgeable and always willing to help.
Jan. 2008 – Marvin Free
Instructor was very knowledgeable on everything he taught us on.
Jan. 2008 – Dennis Foley
I enjoyed the HVAC class. I feel I have a basic understanding of the HVAC field. For the future I think the class could be a little longer. The instructor gave me a good understanding of HVAC. Thank You.
Jan 2008 – Jorim Fulsom
I learned a lot and had a great teacher. Thanks.
Jan. 2008 – Scott Andersen
Was a very good course. Time goes fast. The instructor was very informational. He is a good teacher.
Donovan Ginsch Feb. 2008
It is an exceptionally fast course. Highly entertaining. Another 6 weeks maybe appropriate to kick some HVAC butt. Comprehensive learning environment. Different experience for me, especially now that I am more mechanically inclined. Excited to get started in the field. Will be back to learn more.
Feb. 2008 – David Stetter
Service is were I plan on spending most of my time. Installation on air as needed case by case and sales end in order to refer to recommend a product to the customer.
Feb. 2008 – Christopher Ward
I enjoyed the knowledge that I gained because I’ve learned alot of material I knew nothing about.
May 2008 – Shon McClain
Very informative / Very good instructor. Opened my eyes to what is going on around me.
May 2008 – Dennis R. Clark
This is the best place to learn heating & cooling, hands down!
June 2008 – Donald J. Bugajski
I learned more than I ever could have imagined. The instructor was the best I’ve ever had. I wish the class was 8-10 weeks because I enjoyed it so much. Thank you HACA!
June 2008 – Michaell Scott
The instructor was very, very good teacher. He made sure that each student understood the material.
Sep. 2008 – Michael James
Great Experience! I learned alot and enjoyed every minute of it.
Sep. 2008 – Neil Baumgartner
I really enjoyed the class and the hands on training. I’ve learned a lot this past 10 weeks and look forward to working in the field.
Oct. 2008 – Gary Steward
I really found it easy to follow the instructor’s lessons. I find that I am able to answer some questions of friends and family with relative ease.
Oct. 2008 – Daniel Fuller
Instructor was very helpful, answers questions great. Would recommend to other people.
Nov. 2008 – Gary Teoedel
I do believe the training is very thorough. The size of class I think restricted the hands on training. But the knowledge was presented very well.
Nov. 2008 – Dan Kaul
Outstanding instructor. Really knows his systems and theories.
Nov. 2008 – Shawn Fitzpatrick
Thank you. Very enjoyable class. Down-to-earth instructors.
Dec. 2008 – Jason Nenbecker
Instructor very good at teaching. Really knows his stuff.
Dec. 2008 – Tim Jeske
Instructor was very knowledgeable. He thoroughly explained how everthing goes.
Dec. 2008 – Chris Henry
I learned alot. We went through very important information that I will actually use when out in the field.
Dec. 2008 – Tyrone P. Carter