2009 Testimonials

The instructors have a enourmous amount of knowledge. They where able to answer any questions I threw at them. February 2009 – Matt Kau
Very educational class. I recommend the academy to any and everyone looking to get started in the industry. February 2009 – Jonathan Barbian
The HVAC class in which I attended here at the academy has been an awesome experience. The information and training by the instructor was outstanding. Every question that I and other students asked was always answered in a professional manner. This academy is a great asset to any and everyone who wants to be in this profession. As a student, I will take advantage of the free teachings in the future. February 2009 – Kevin Meeks
The instructors have a enourmous amount of knowledge. They where able to answer any questions I threw at them. February 2009 – Matt Kau
The instructor was very informative and helpful. Overall, very happy with the knowledge I gained and will be putting it to great use. Thanks! February 2009 – Issam Bahhur
Class was fun and learned alot! Nice to meet peple that were interested in the same thing! March 2009 – Robert Keelor
I’m very happy I took this class. The instructor was very easy to learn from. I’m looking forward to getting started on my career in heating and cooling. I feel I’ve learned everything I need to know to get a good start on my career! March 2009 – Kristen Van Patten
Very imformative and helpful instructors. Professional. Overall an excellent class. March 2009 – Chad Stanley
Learned more in one day from these instructors than I did from Gateway College in three months worth of classes. Thanks! March 2009 – Less Carr
Very good class & instruction! March 2009 – Hien Vu
The instructor brought out the knowledge problems and solutions together in an easy manner to understand. Thanks! March 2009 – Paul C. Reblin
Great Class. I’ll recommend it to my friends. April 2009 – Anthony Rivera
Great Class! Really enjoyed our instructor. Reminded me of my father and how he taught me in life. Thanks! April 2009 – Dale J. Stevenson
Great Class. Great Instructor! He really makes you think which helps remember what was taught. April 2009 – Eric Steinbach-Mineau
Good Class! Teacher very knowledgeable. I liked the in-house certification and the hands on work. April 2009 – Randall J. Riesner
Instructors were very patient. Everything very well explained. Great deal of material covered in 6 weeks. Very informative class. April 2009 – Richard Higgins
Schooling, instructors and facility were A-1. I would recommend this class to anyone! April 2009 – Robert C. Redenius
I learned what I had expected. I’m comfortable with the installation and maintenance procedures of furnace and A/C. I think the instructor did a great job! April 2009 – Neil Manske
Easy to learn and fast! April 2009 – Kenneth Cunningham
This class has been very helpful for me. I’ve learned alot in this 6 week class. I’m thankful to Both the staff and instructors for their great leadership. April 2009 – Russell Varnado
Great class learned a lot. Both instructors were great at teaching and explaining things to me. April 2009 – Johnmen Teat
Thank you for tthis class. I look forward to getting in this field and see what and how this will change my future. A special thanks to the instructor! June 2009 – Frederick Davis
Thanks for the experience and training! I learned more information than I thought I’d remember. June 2009 – Christopher Abendroth
The instructor was great-Learned so much in 6 weeks. WOW! July 2009 – Mark Pitterle
This class helped me expand my knowledge of HVAC. My career possibilities grew tenfold. The instructor made everything easy to understand. July 2009 – Frank Erato
Great Class, Love the combination of class room and hands on training. The instructor walks you through everything. July 2009 – Ed Murray
Loved class will come back for review, wished class was longer. Great instructor!
September 2009 – James Hudy
Very good class. I liked the hands-on training. Have had other classes which were good but, didn’t have enough working with equipment. September 2009 – Jeff Helnore
Gone from knowing nothing about heating and cooling. I’ve gained a good basic understanding of the components and how the different cycles work. Our instructor gave us equal attention and in my opinion has a good way of teaching us the skills we needed to know to get out in the field. September 2009 – Theodore J. Szymanski Jr.
The instructor was very knowledgeable. Learned the different types of systems, gauges and machines that I knew nothing about. It was a great experience! September 2009 – Jeff Helnore
Learned alot with hands on. Instructor was very helpful. Would recommend to others to get the basics of it. Learned alot in six weeks. Thank you. September 2009 – Kyle Dykas
The instructor is very knowledgeable. He had a down to earth method of teaching which made him very easey to understand. September 2009 – Dale A. Nichols
I have completely enjoyed this experience and learned a lot. I had an excellent instructor! October 2009 – Willie Smith
I have learned alot from the instructor and I hope to use everything I learned to open my own handyman business. I’d recommend this class to others. October 2009 – Wesley Navarro
The instructor was thorough & pleasant. Liked the in-house certifications! October 2009 – John Lellish
Thorough teaching, well organized curriculum, great environment. October 2009 – Justin T. Welhouse