2010 Testimonials

I was very happy with the class!!!   January-February 2010 – Derrick Roach
This course has tought me alot about the HVAC industry that I didn’t know before. It also has given me the skills to be better equipped to work in the industry.   January-February 2010 – John Monnahan
The class was very informative. I’m glad I came!   January-February 2010 – Brad May
This class was great. The information is “Very Helpful”. The instructor is very knowledgeable, helpful, the best!   January-February 2010 – John Monnahan
This was a very good and very informational class. I was very pleased with the whole class and the instructor is a very good teacher. He was very helpful and thorough.   January-February 2010 – Richard Plemons
Excellent content! Instructor has a phenomenal amount of experience that is shared in a very entertaining manner   January-February 2010 – Tim Northwood
The instructor was excellent in everything about HVAC! February-March 2010 – Kurt Leonhardt
I enjoyed it and learned alot from the class   February-March 2010 – Chris Kenealy
I enjoyed the class. February-March 2010 – Dylan Grall
Learned a lot from the experience. Very hands-on. Instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. Will take my knowledge into starting a career in HVAC.   February-March 2010 – Joseph P. Bracey
I learned a lot at the Academy – March-April – Rafael Torres
The course was very helpful in learning with the hands-on approach. Felt confident after the course that I can apply the skill necessary in the field. The instructor was very knowledgeable.   March-April 2010 – Greg Houston
Excellent class! The instructor was one of the best I ever had. He is very knowledgeable and very good at teaching what he knows. I learned alot in this class and now feel very confident I can succeed in this field. I would definitely recommend this class.    March-April 2010 – Scott Spatz
Great program I feel very confident in entering the HVAC work force and look forward to doing so. Awsome instructor as well!  Thanks alot!   March-April 2010 Calvin Thames
Learned alot of points and calibrition of S.H., S.C., C.F.M. of neighborhood, industrial application of material that I wasn’t aware of. Alot of information in a short period of time. A very good class for introductory students. Instructor had a good sense of humor and different ways to relay the information to students. Thank you.    May-June 2010 – Robert Oberst
I learned the basics of HVAC by listening to the instructor. I think he is a very excellent proctor all you have to do is pay attendion and do what he says. He is also a nice social person that will make you feel comfortable here at the Academy for your stay. I appreciate him and thank him for his knowledge.  Thanks alot!   May-June 2010 – Demetrius D. Chambers
Intense with information, procedures and reasons were explained fairly well. I felt comfortable with the questions and answers. Felt very comfortable with the education at this academy.    May-June 2010 – Todd Fessenbercker
I feel, now that I have been in this class, I can go out and be confident to work on HVAC in general and become one of the best techs there will be in this area thanks to the instructor.     May-June 2010 – Kyle Hannula
Fun Class! Very informational. I learned a lot of what it should take to make smart instructor and he tries to cover as much as he can in the time we had. I wish I had more time here to learn more. Would recommend to anyone to get their feet in the door of the HVAC industry.    May-June 2010 – Chad A. Patrin
The instructor was very good to point out how to check for problems in heating and A/C and service. I learned alot on the concepts of heating and cooling and refrigeration.     May-June 2010 – Daniel Anderson
Enjoyed the class, enjoyed the hands on experience! I gained very useful knowledge from instructor’s own experience in the field.    May-June 2010 – Brandon Pokrzewinski
Awesome course! I learned more than I expected in 6 weeks. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the HVAC field.     June-July 2010 – David Boden
Excellent training! The right mix of classroom training and hands on training.   June-July 2010 – Michael Albrecht
It was an honor and privilege to have been instructed by such an outstanding instructor. I learned alot in a very short time. I am mad at myself for not getting into this field 20 years ago. Sincerely, it was a blast!     June-July 2010 – Frederick Nault
I really had fun learning about HVAC. This is the best class I have ever taken. I had a very good instructor. He really helped make it easy to understand service and repair. I did not know anything coming in and now I have an open mind and understanding on how HVAC works. Thanks Heating and Cooling Academy!   June-July 2010 – Jimmie L. Carter
Great class, sheet metal skills learned were beneficial! Very informative, calibrating furnaces was easy to understand.     June-July 2010 – Erich Stuebner
Our instructor was very knowledgeable on all sides of the industry and was more than happy to answer our questions and offered to help should we get stuck with a problem out in the field. Instructor simply said, “Just give me a call and gave us his cell phone!”    June-July 2010 – Thomas Barth
The Instructor was willing and able to answer any questions about HVAC and heating. I would recommend this class to anyone!    June-August (Saturday Class)2010 – Martin E. Long
Our instructor was great! Technical & hands-on experience a plus. I hope to start my new career witht eh knowledge I have learned here.    June-August (Saturday Class) 2010 – Robert Barner
I found this class very informative. I have a good basic understanding on HVAC. When I first came in I had no idea or understanding about HVAC. I plan to comeback and take their free re-fresher policy to work more on equipment.    June-August (Saturday Class) 2010 – Kim Blaedow
More hands on needed for myself, more manifold usage. Besides, That class was the best 10 weeks I spent and learned!    June-August (Saturday Class) 2010 – George Medrek
Thank you very much!!!    June-August (Saturday Class) 2010 – Matt Nissen
Faced paced, well structured class! Made it easy for me to learn    June-August (Saturday Class) 2010 – Aaron Vangalis II.
Good class, very good teacher. If I was younger, It might have been easier    June-August (Saturday Class) 2010 – Richard Surdyk
I found your Academy very instructive and very satisfying. The teaching was exceptional & informative and it was designed not only for hands on training but made you think how things work. Sept-Oct 2010 – Steven Brendernihl.
When I waled into this building I knew nothing about heating and cooling. I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge from this class. I think this class is a great first step of entry into the HVAC field   Sept-Oct 2010 – Timothy Riley
Good School! The instructors presented material well and the hands-on was good training! Sept-Oct 2010 – Pierre Gervats.
Good Work! Thanks for this new opportunity and encouragement. Thanks for all!
Sept-Oct 2010 – Luis Rivera
Class was good. The instructor made learning fun and interesting. He was very knowledgeable.
Oct-Nov 2010 – Larry Kaminski.
This class was very helpful and a informational class
Oct-Nov 2010 – Michael Garofalo
Very satisfied student!
Oct-Nov 2010 – Michael Warren.
Did not relay info like I wanted. Not the instructor’s fault. It was due to not been in school for many years. I will definitely be back for more classes so I feel comfortable working on equipment.
Nov-Dec 2010 – Todd J. Gripp
Good Training! Lots of hands-on. The instructor is a good teacher with lots of knowledge.
Nov-Dec 2010 – Clint Carberry