2011 Testimonials

HVAC no longer a mistery! Our instructors were well versed in his knowledge of HVAC –So very greatful to them!   January-February 2011 – Felix C. Onukwugha
Class was very interesting and changed my opinion of heating and cooling in a positive way. Awesome experience! I learned a lot! Thank you very much!   January-February 2011 – Borislav Ozegovic
Was a good start! Now I just need experience.   January-February 2011 – Ray McMhans
Very good class! Worked the basics well. Very descriptive approach. A good balance between classroom and hands-on. Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful   January-February 2011 – David B. Koch
Enjoyed the instructor’s commentary. He definitely knows the ins and outs of the equipment. Passed along a number of “tricks of the trade”.   February-March 2011 – Joe Valoe
Great Instructor, Great Class! Learned alot!   February-March 2011 – Khaled Bazar
Class was taught well and I feel made me feel confident in finding a job in the HVAC workforce!   February-March 2011 – James Schweitzer
The instructor is very knowledgeable!   February-March 2011 – Richard Halvorsen
Instructor had a great sense of humor which made him very approacheable!   February-March 2011 – Omer Hamdan
The instructor was very helpfull in his instruction. Took his time with individuals and had plenty of patience!! Great Instructor!!   February-March 2011 – Michael J. Barnes
The instructor is very knowledgeable!   February-March 2011 – Richard Halvorsen
Thanks! Gonna miss coming to class but need to catch up on some rest. Expect to receive some phone calls from me. Thanks again!   February-March 2011 – Ray M. Calderon
Great Class… had lots of fun!!!   February-March 2011 – Deonteah Morehouse
This class was very informatable. The fact that it was hands on was my favorite part. It made it much easier to learn. The instructor did a great job!   February-March 2011 – Geoff DeWitt
Enjoyed the class. Very informative. Learned alot. The instructor was very informative, and a very good teacher.  February-March 2011 – Jeff Johnson
Good class, lots of info.   February-March 2011 – Tim Potvin
Well explained and good instructor!  March-April 2011 – Charles Tollefson
Learn alot had fun with teacher and class!   March-April 2011 – Christopher Savage
This was the best training I ever had! Learned so much in so little time and had much fun!  March-April 2011 – Leonard E. Nelson Sr.
This class was great!   March-April 2011 – Paul R. O’Lerke
I’ve learned alot in the past 6 weeks than the your an half at MATC.   March-April 2011 – James Cartagena
Enjoyed the class. The instructor taught me a lot!  May-June 2011 – Joe Pulera
Enjoyed class very much and instruction was great! Lots of attention and help from the instructor!  June-July 2011 – Jason Petlof
I feel that I have crearly understood the material and procedures for heating and air and now am ready for work experience in this field.  June-July – Andrew Pfaff
Good Clss, Good Instructor!  July-August 2011 – Paul Carroll
This HVAC class was a wonderful class for me to learn a new skill in the market. I am very greatful to have had such a great instructor. He will be definitely missed..  July-August 2011 – Jonathan Li
I learned so much that I never knew was relavent to this field. Very informative! Once I got my hands dirty working on the edquipment, it all became that much clearer. Our instructor was great at explaining anything I had a problem with. I kind of wish we had more classes but I guess the rest will come to me in the field.  July-August 2011 – Adam Arndt
The instructor was very approachable and knowledgeable. I was impressed with his patience. Thank you for everything! Great Facility!  July-August 2011 – Scott Stroede
Extremely helpful. Fast and easy going class with amazing hands-on learning. I couldn’t get this kind of quality at any university or technical college. Thank you!  July-August 2011 – Sam Mistele
The class & instructor were excellent!   July-August 2011 – James R. Powers
Thanks a million!!! Great instructor, very knowledgeable!!!  July-August 2011 – Jeff Kult
I really liked the class! I learned alot, and look forward to finding a job in this field.   Oct-Nov 2011 – Robert Bores
Instrutor was very informative (knowledgeable).   Oct-Nov 2011 – Arnulfo Martinez, Jr.