2012 Testimonials

Everything was above my expectations! The instructor was very thorough on details… can’t beat his experience!   January-February 2012 – Ben Stechs
The instructor did a great job teaching this class. I will definitely recommend to someone else.   January-February 2012 – Kevin D. Coray
Lots of knowledge! Left with confidence. The instructor is very knowledgeable.   January-February 2012 – Zach Walters
My hat goes off to the instructor!!! Great Job!!!  February-March 2012 – Eugene Bivens Jr.
This class gave me a great insight on the operations of furnaces and boilers!   February-March 2012 – Xavier R. Shands
Learned alot!  February-March 2012 – Richard Poff
This course was very informative! Also, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable!   February-March 2012 – Nathan M. Bross
This class is an amazaing opportunity! Easy to understand, hands on material helps immensely! Our instructor was very accessable and knowledgeable. An awesome reource and asset!  February-March 2012 – Tyrone Luckett
Nice class. Had fun! I would definitely tell friends about the class. I learned a lot!   February-March 2012 – Laeste Peter Venturi Jr.
With my combined 15 years of customer service & management skills adding to the fact that I am billingual and my newly acquired knowledge gained at Heating and Cooling Academy, I know I will do great in the field!  April-May 2012 – Jose Juarez
I enjoyed working & learning from our Instructor and other students. I appreciated when the instructor took time to help if you didn’t understand it the first time around.   April-May 2012 – Scott Leura
Great Class! Knowledgeable instructor!  April-May 2012 – Anthony Dercole
My hat to the instructor and the time he took with us individually!   April-May 2012 – Wilfredo Santiago
Great class to take and the instructor really impressed me!  April-May 2012 – Abraham Rodriguez
In the 6 weeks our instructor has taught me enough that I feel comfortable going out to work in this field. This was a major change for me and he made everything very clear. Wonderful course and instructor!  June-July 2012 – Leandro Jones
Our instructor was a very good teacher in showing how everything worked. He also made you understand what you were doing right or wrong. Outstanding teacher!  June-July 2012 – Jeffery Bathke
This was a great experience! I will always treasure this teacher! He is a great instructor with a lot of patience. Thank you for this experience.   June-July 2012 – Tommy Sanders
I great big THANK YOU to the instructor!  June-July 2012 – Chris Rindt
From day one to last day, I learned as much as I could possibly learn. Whether it was hands on or lectures, I had a great instructor who really knew his stuff.   Sept-October 2012 – Thomas Egan
I liked school alot! 🙂 The instructor was a great teacher. He taught me alot.   Sept-Oct 2012 – Shane Herro
I really liked the class. I learned alot. The instructorjwas a good teacher and explained everything where I could understand it.   November-December 2012 – Brandon Martin
I came in green and learned more than I expected. I do have more confidence than when I came in to do the job.   November-December 2012 – Peter Herr Jr.
It was a great class! The instructor was very helpful. Liked the hands on!   November-December 2012 – David Secor
This was an excellent class! I learned alot in a short period of time.   November-December 2012 – Adrian Harris Jr.
I’ve learned alot and feel confident I can perform service and installation out on the field.  November-December 2012 – David Secor
I came in green and learned more than I expected. I do have more confidence than when I came in to do the job.   November-December 2012 – Waymon Stewart