2013 Testimonials

Enjoyed the course! It is very hands on! Great instructor. He was very patient and had no problems going over some materials over again to make sure we had full understanding of HVAC.   January-February 2013 – David Evans
Hands on training was good and informative!  January-February 2013 – Bryan Anderson
Instructor is very knowledgeable instructor! Very helpful, learned a lot!   February-March 2013 – Abel Guerro
Class was worth while and I recomend it to anybody who is looking to move forward in this career.  February-March 2013 – Matthew Stasik
The instructor has been a great and very knowledgeable in many areas of the HVAC field and many other areas. One can tell that he take’s teaching and his prior career as a service tech very seriously. I have learned alot from him and will use it as I enter the field full time in the near future. Overall this has been a great learning experience. Thanks!  February-March 2013 – Jonathan W. Schmidt
Good Class! Learned alot!   March-April 2013 – Jessie Calderon
Great class! I learned alot in 6 weeks!  March-April 2013 – Brandon Hertzberg
Good Class!   March-April 2013 – Zachary D. Coutts
I learned more in these 10 weeks than I’ve learned my entire life! This was very informative. I appreciate our instructor’s help and experience in this field. He made learning interesting and fun. I hope to make good use of my new certification.  July-August 2013 – Warren Nelson
I enjoy class, and the instructor was very informative. I learned a lot from him.   July-August 2013 – Leonard Smith
The instructor was the best teacher I ever had!  July-August 2013 – Ryan Morris