2014 Testimonials

Excellent class! Learned a lot on all reas of HVAC   January – March 2014 – James Jeannotte
Excellent Class! Very informative. Answered all questions!  January-February 2014 – Steven Haubrich Sr.
My instructor taught me about furnaces. He was extremely patient and curtious to me and the other students   January-March 2014 – Lando Wilder
I left with confidence that I can service HVAC units. Definitely looking for a rewarding career!  March-May 2014 – Bernard Thomas
Lots of hands on experience! Covered all the basics well. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was always willing to answer any questions.   March-May 2014 – Stephen Brockway
The course was very informative. I would recommend any one looking to get into this trade. This class will definitely prepare you for it.  March-May 2014 – Ramon Alvarado
I loved coming to this course. I received the best training any school could offer. In the time of training they completed my knowledge in the building trades and made me completely confident. In my field thank you Heating and Cooling Academy! Special thanks to our instructor! You are the best!  March-May 2014 – Ruben Anderson
I like the hands on training our instructor was great! I feel like I really learned what I needed to have a successful career.   March-May 2014 – Larry Owens
Our instructor very knowleageble and really takes time to reach. Hats off to the instructor. After many years, my future looks better.   March-May 2014 – Rafael Vera
The instructor was very knowleageble! I learned alot about HVAC and I am very comfortable with going forward on to the field.  June-August 2014 – Damien Clark
What a great school!! I took full advantage of it. Really liked the instructor.   June-August 2014 – Francisco Brozco
Great class! Great training!!  June-August 2014 – Luis A. Cruz Lopez
Instructor was very helpful! Very comfortable going into the field after this class!   June-August 2014 – Adonis T. Joiner
Great instructor, Great Class!!!  June-August 2014 – Tracy Carlisle
Our instructor was very friendly and knew what he was teaching. Overall class was very educational and you leave with the knowledge on how to install and diagnose service problems.   August-October 2014 – Amando Mariel
Class very informative. Instructor is very good at making things understadable  August-October 2014 – David Briggs
Learn alot about HVAC!.   August-October 2014 – Naklom Phomsouvanh
Class is very informative and really enjoyed it!  August-October 2014 – Minta Oglesby