2015 Testimonials

Good small class allowing for more hands on. Very knowledgeable instructor   January-March 2015 – Dao Vang
Great instructor! I really learned alot!  January-March 2015 – Lorenzo Thompson
This class has given me the basic information about HVAC and hands on learning!  January-March 2015 – Chris Reese
The Heating and Cooling Academy has taught me good trouble shooting skills which will help in diagnozing furnace and air conditioning system issues. It h as taught me proper procedure of handling 410A and other refrigerants as well as knowledge of terms used comfort cooling field.   January-March 2015 – Damien Johnson
Very personable atmosphere. Great to get you up to speed on the basic process of the HVAC industry. Especially propoerly handling refrigerants. Great instructor!!!  January-March 2015 – Scott Reynolds
Good Class. I learned a lot that I didn’t know. Awesome instructor. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Covered a lot in 10 days. Nice class size. Overall a great class. You get to work on all kinds of equipment   March-May 2015 – Tyler Maratik
I have over 30 yrs with City of Milwaukee, and would like to supplement my pension doing something in the HVAC field.
June-Aug. – Dennis Martin
Could have used some more hands on AC work, otherwise OK.,
June-Aug. – Scott Seis
Less heating, more A/C Perhaps divide it into two separate 6 week courses. June-Aug. – Rodney Stelter, Jr.
The instructor was an awesome teacher. He can break down a furnace or condensor without even touching it. “Down to earth” even though he’s not from here. I will miss him, as a teacher, but more as a friend. June-Aug. – Tyrone Aikens
Great class gain alot of knowledge in the trade, will recommend to otherpeople in a hurry.
June-Aug. – Francisco Centeno
Very informative course,learned alot!
Sept-Dec – Ryan Herrera
Found the presenter, presentation, and format to be an excellent environment to grasp the materials and knowledge needed to be successful. Complete satisfaction.
Sept-Dec – Michael Schwartz
Class is very thorough and detailed. Great hands on training demonstrations. Recommend to anyone who is looking to get into HVAC trade.
Sept-Dec – Jawan Stewart
I liked the class. A lot of knowledge floating- being very visual and analytical. I know more hands on would have helped me tie down the knowledge to something concrete. But I like the come back policy which will nail it for me. Bud, you need to put out a CD for all of your experience stories. They would sell.
Sept-Dec – Kim Maxon