Why Us?

Small Classes

We keep our classes small.  Our classes usually have 5 and never more than 10 students per class.  This ensures that every student gets the individual one-on-one attention from the instructor.

Hands on Training

While other training centers sit you down in front of books, we’ll take our classroom straight to the workshop.

In-House Certification

Wisconsin Heating and Cooling Academy is approved as proctors to provide all in-house exams for federal certification.

Free Technical Support

No graduates are left behind.  Every student is provided with your instructor’s cell number in case you ever need to call for technical assistance on current projects or jobs you may be working on.

Resources at Your Fingertips

You’ll be able to take advantage of our vast knowledge and connections acquired throughout our combined 60 year experience in the HVAC industry with trusted suppliers, equipment wholesalers, business & corporate start-ups, as well as printing and web design services in case you ventured into your very own business.

Why choose the Academy over a traditional college?

Is a college education a guarantee of a job?  Not for many, according to the Manila Bulletin.  It quotes Herbert Bautista, major of Quezon City, as saying: “Every year our colleges and universities are producing millions of graduates who simply end up among the unemployed because their courses are incompatible with what jobs are available.

Many end up working in clerical positions or fast food restaurants.  The government is encouraging high school graduates to take short courses in practical skills or technical fields in which work may be found more easily.